Human Resource Management being a challenge for almost all verticals and sectors of business, we developed a solution to lessen the hassles of both Employers and Employees. HRMS being an intranet solution is accessible to all sections of the company and brings transparency in the company.

  • Salary & Job History Document all salary and job changes. View the salary history of each employee online including salary, bonuses and all deductions. Quickly view work history such as promotions and length of employment in a position.
  • Training, Skills and Awards Track individual skills, store required courses, certifications and grades received. Document all awards, accomplishments and recognition each employee has received over the years
  • Track Vacation, Leaves and Attendance You don't have to work with a complicated spreadsheet again. Input your company's vacation and leave policies and the solution will track the number of days available based on years of service. Spot absenteeism issues.